Julie Senior Group Home & Julie Medical Transportation Services Inc.

Our Senior Group Home Locations

Our current managed senior group home is located at our current business address, promising a clean and welcoming environment for our residents.

Our senior group homes are designed to provide a home-like environment for small groups. We believe that community living offers numerous benefits for seniors, including companionship, assistance with daily activities, and a sense of belonging.

Our Medical Transportation Service

At Julie Senior Group Homes & Julie Medical Transportation Services Inc., we prioritize the health and safety of our seniors. Our medical transportation services ensure that our residents have access to timely and efficient medical care when they need it.

Julie Senior Group Home & Julie Medical Transportation Services Inc.
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Physical Activities

We understand the importance of staying active in our senior years. That's why we incorporate an array of physical activities into our daily schedule. Whether it's a gentle yoga session or a brisk morning walk, we ensure that our residents stay fit and healthy.

Join Our Waiting List

We are constantly working to expand our network of senior group homes. If you are interested in a senior group home location managed by Julie Senior Group Homes, you can register for our waiting list. Simply fill out the form on the page, and we'll reach out with more information when a spot becomes available.

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